Sunday, March 13, 2005

Full Disclosure

The N&O is celebrating something called "Sunshine Week" this week. The purpose is to expose the inner workings of government and force the government to release documents and information more readily. I support that project, but I would also like to see the N&O open up to a little sunshine as well.

For example, when will the paper run a summary of the party affiliation of every candidate they endorsed during the last election cycle? If the paper is unbiased, wouldn't you expect to see a roughly equal split in endorsements?

And continuing an earlier theme, why is the paper so determined to bury the party affiliation of those mired in controversy. Today's paper featured an article about the NC House Speaker, Jim Black, and his efforts to reward a former legislator with a job after the legislator lost in a primary. Some readers know that Black is a Democrat, but I'll bet that most don't. So why is Black's party affiliation not mentioned in the 11 paragraphs on page 1B?

And on page 6B the N&O reports on a Davidson County commissioner who has been convicted of a felony and won't give up his seat. The party affiliation is not buried in this article - it is not even mentioned.

The N&O needs to let the sun shine on its pages before it makes demands on others.