Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Edwards' Path

The N&O served as John Edwards' biggest cheerleader during the 2004 campaigns. The editors completely failed to do their duty and conduct the due diligence expected of papers during election season. So I will propose some questions they could have asked:

1. If Edwards is such an advocate for the "working man," then why did his trial lawyer activities help put companies out of business and cost working people their jobs?

2. How many jobs did Edwards cost NC directly through lawsuits?

3. How many jobs did Edwards cost NC indirectly through increased business insurance cost and a decrease in risk-taking by entrepreneurs for fear they could be sued for any misstep?

4. How many companies were not even started, and how many people not even hired, because the legal hurdles to start-ups are so high after trial lawyers have run rampant?

One good reporter with a handle on economics and support from the editors could do a good story on one of the many individuals that leach away the ability of entrepreneurs to bring growth to the economy and create jobs.