Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Afghanistan Spin

Remember what the left was saying when we went into Afghanistan? We heard the word "quagmire" from Bush critics even as our special operations soldiers were riding horseback with the Northern Alliance. We heard predictions of civil war, of a takeover by warlords, of the impossible nature of the terrain and of the risks that Pakistan would turn on us or Russia would intervene etc. etc.

Yet over 3 years later Afghanistan is an unequaled success. This does not mean the situation is perfect, but none of the predictions of the armchair naysayers came true. Afghanistan has held elections, former warlords have been coopted into the government, the country is run by a man devoted to building a civil society and enforcing the rule of law and remnants of the Taliban and Al Qaeda take a regular beating whenever they come out of their holes.

So what is the N&O headline when President Karzai visits the US? "Bush bars Afghan control of US forces."

First, this is a dumb headline because there was absolutely no chance that the president would allow US forces to be controlled by anyone but him and his subordinate commanders. No chance. So the N&O is creating controversy where there is none.

Second, there is absolutely no mention in the article about past dire predictions from the left and how wrong they have been, and there is very little in terms of positive commentary.

Pure anti-Bush spin.