Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Corporate Scandal Spin

Given the media frenzy over the various corporate scandals that started near the end of the Clinton administration (but were only reported when Bush took office), I wonder how much coverage the MSM will give to this news.

And if they do report on the story, will the MSM really claim that the Supreme Court's decision on Andersen is a "setback for the Bush administration" as WaPo online does?

The MSM theme is starting to build, and it will undoubtedly be echoed in the N&O. Didn't you know, as the WaPo claims, that the Bush administration "made prosecution of white-collar criminals a high priority?" A high priority? I have seen this administration make tax relief a high priority, and making schools accountable and fighting the war on terror and bringing freedom to millions of people and reforming our huge Social Security national liability, but I am pretty sure prosecuting white collar criminals was not one of the high priorities.

Maybe a priority, and certainly a priority for the Justice Dept., because that is what Justice is tasked with doing, but not a high priority. Now the story was a high priority with the MSM in their desperate attempt to link corporate malfeasance with the Bush administration (another failed effort), so now the press will spin the other way and claim that the Supreme Court ruling is a "setback" for Bush.

I want the troops at That Liberal Media and Rantingprofs and Right Wing Howler all over this one.