Thursday, May 26, 2005

Good Look at Afghanistan

Jay Price at the N&O again does a great job of showing the reality in Afghanistan with his 1A story today. Price, along with Chuck Liddy, are in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne. Given the tendency of the MSM to report from the US now that it is no longer a novelty to be "in country," I compliment Price and Liddy for making the trip.

The series is calling Afghanistan "The Forgotten War." Reading Price's reporting, the title makes sense because the coalition effort has been successful, the central government is maintaining some sense of order and the Taliban and AQ are only able to operate at the fringes. The telling point for me as I was reading the article is the depiction of Khowst as a peacful town. When we went into Afghanistan, Khowst was like the wild west and it was difficult to imagine that in a short time US troops would be able to move through there without a firefight.

So in this case calling the series "The Forgotten War" is a compliment to US forces and to our strategy in Afghanistan.