Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More Unnamed Scandal

Another scandal in Democratic inner-city politics, this time with the former treasurer of Philadelphia convicted of corruption. Yet in the story the N&O (again) decides to not mention the political affiliation of the treasurer, or of the mayor at the time.

And in another hand-wringing story from the left on the judicial nomination story (this one on 4A from the Cox News Service), the lead paragraph claims that the Bush administration, "threw its political weight behind a Republican effort to end the right of unlimited debate in the Senate." Notice how the story incorrectly makes the reader assume that all filibusters will be ended, when in fact the Republican effort is to ensure judicial nominees get a vote on the Senate floor. In polls, "ending the right of unlimited debate" is frowned upon by the majority of Americans, but "ensuring judicial nominees get a vote on the Senate floor" is supported. So why does this story frame the issue to support the Democrats case?