Thursday, May 19, 2005

The N&O Editors Comment

The guy who wrote this is not a blogger, but he should be:

Let’s start with the Newsweek Koran-toilet fiasco. My own local rag, The News & Observer, has belatedly seen fit to editorialize on the subject. The N&O gently chastises Newsweek for running with a story based only on one trusted source, who afterwards “conceded that he might not have known what he said he knew.” And then there is this little gem: “[P]ublishing a half-baked blurb about desecration of the holy text violates common sense. In contrast, a full-blown report -- one that was thoroughly documented -- would have been defensible.”

NC is of course home to several thousand soldiers, sailors, and marines – active duty, reserves and National Guard – who have served and are subject to serve in Islamic countries. So it “violates common sense” to give the Islamofascists a propaganda coup (and to make conditions all the more hazardous for our troops) only because the report was “half-baked”?