Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The N&O ran an article yesterday quoting some NPR executives, and using the infamous "Top officials at NPR," complaining because of the the old bugaboo - censorship. Now I listen to NPR because, as Sun Tzu taught us, it is always valuable to know what the enemy is doing and thinking. Make no mistake that whatever you think of the Liberalism of the N&O, the folks at NPR make the N&O writers look like Bushies in comparison.

NPR does not get a lot of federal money itself, but the stations that broadcast NPR shows do receive a chunk from taxpayers. So it seems to make sense that the taxpayers would understand where our money is going and what message it is sending. If NPR leaders want editorial independence, they can simply turn down federal funds and sell their shows like every other biased and opinionated outfit does.