Saturday, June 11, 2005

Newspaper Subscriptions

The folks at Media Slander ask how much more newspaper subscriptions will decline when the MSM tries to sell their slant on the news to returning veterans from the War on Terrorism. I think their point is relevant, especially in comparison to the military-media press relationship in WWII.

The stellar job the press did in covering WWII elevated not only the status of the press but also of the military in the eyes of Americans. As a result, both institutions were rated highly by.

Both institutions botched Vietnam, but the military has been able to recover (through a lot of soul-searching and hard work) and regain their status in the eyes of the public. The MSM has never recovered from their mistakes in Vietnam, and they have continued their "blame America first" mentality with their reporting about the recent battles.

It will not only be returning vets who shun the MSM going forward.