Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Your Taxpayer Money

I can't believe the N&O, a paper generally devoted to the modern liberal belief in more taxes and bigger government, would run a front page article outlining grants given to nonprofits by the city of Raleigh.

While these taxpayer grants fit into the N&O scheme, they let slip that one grant will "let the agency (a group that serves homeless and low-income families) pay for staff to seek other grants."

So our taxes are going to an organization that can't raise money, and giving them that money will allow them to raise money. And the circle stops where?

Now if this group is tremendously efficient (doubtful), and if the city is better off outsourcing this task vs. building a bigger city bureaucracy (likely), then the grant makes at least some sense. But giving people taxpayer money just to pay staffers is ridiculous.