Thursday, July 07, 2005

N&O Still Confused

Despite the reasoned explanation from my friend, the N&O insists on calling terrorists any number of other names. One headline from today read Rebels followed SEAL ambush with 'lucky' shot. But in the text of the article the writer refers to the terrorists as militants, and it is only when quoting a military spokesman that the correct word is used.

Why are those fighting against us in Afghanistan terrorists and not rebels? In order to be legitimate, rebels must have a cause beyond mere violence and chaos. The remnants of AQ have no such cause. They have offered some explanations to justify killing as many westerners as they can, but it is clear that even if their stated 'goals' are reached they will still strive to kill as many of us as they can.

The Taliban remnants are also terrorists as their goal, returning the Taliban to power, would only result in the continuation of their efforts to terrorize their own citizens.

By calling these vicious thugs 'rebels', the N&O gives them legitimacy and offers aid and comfort to their cause.