Monday, July 18, 2005

Where is the "Outing" Outrage?

As Michael Barone points out, Liberals are still decrying the "outing" of a CIA employee (the N&O ran another piece today that only reiterated old news - expect more tomorrow, then another sanctimonious editorial from Steve Ford, then a mention in a related article, then a piece by old lady Ivins etc.).

But several months ago wasn't it the N&O that ran a front-page story (from the NYT) naming the location and the company identity of an airline working covertly for the CIA? Relative to the naming of a desk jockey at Langley, how much more damage do you think that story did to CIA operations?

Now if the MSM wants to continue to go after Bush on any issue where they think they can get traction (so far they have failed in every battle and have disgraced themselves in the process), they certainly deserve their shot. But they should not hide behind their new-found belief in the sanctity of the CIA to deliver their blows.