Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dems on Tape

Now that the Dems on waffling on whether they want to fight the war to victory, check out some of their past statements on the topic here. It sure is easy to talk tough and be bold when popular support is behind you, but it takes a real coward to bail out mid-course just because the public has developed doubts and wants to see more concrete progress.

Lorie Byrd at Michelle Malkin's site has more, including this cogent point:

Here is my take on this strategy. The more I think about it, the more I believe this is just a way to diminish any political goodwill that will accrue to the Bush administration when troops do begin leaving Iraq. I think the same can be said for the timetable Democrats wanted to impose in the Congress. With upcoming elections and the trial of Saddam, and more and more Iraqi troops and police being trained daily, it is likely, and I think the President has even stated, that the American military presence will start being scaled back within the next 6 - 12 months. When that happens, Democrats will try to claim it was the pressure they exerted that caused it. We all know that is what the President has said all along -- that we will leave when the Iraqis no longer need us there. The public, however, has heard a constant drumbeat from Democrats and the media that there is no exit strategy