Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Pope and Delay

The N&O scored twice yesterday by parroting the talking points of the left. An article on the pope carried the headline, "New pope surprisingly warm." Remember that even with wire service stories the N&O can pick the headline. The first paragraph of the article carried this reporting gem noting that the pope was "showing increasing signs that he is not the aloof, dour prelate that many expected." Notice the word many in the article. Who is many? A few on the left would like to classify the pope as orthodox, or even aloof and dour, but that is about it.

The second score was the ability of the paper to carry an article about Tom Delay for the 7th straight day. Remember the issue here is that a congressman has cozied up to lobbyists and taken trips on their dime. Is this news? It may be worth one article, but the MSM is pumping it for all it is worth in an effort to muddy an outspoken conservative.