Friday, May 20, 2005

Elevating a Non-Story

The N&O and the MSM are going to still be riding the "Bush lied about Iraq" story long after Iraq has emerged far better off (for us and for them) following the coalition intervention.

The latest attempt by the MSM to keep the story alive is the breathless reporting of a British memo saying the the Bush administration had made up their mind to remove Saddam prior to early 2003. The N&O prints the following from the NYT:

It has long been known that American military planning for the Iraq war began as early as Nov. 21, 2001...

American military planners (and I was one), are always planning for multiple conflicts in various places. Whole offices at the Pentagon are devoted to developing contingency plans complete with names and troop dispositions and background information. Don't you think we would be pretty foolish to not have plans?

So the NYT is way off base by suggesting the planning for the Iraq war began after President Bush took office. I would guess (and I have no specific knowledge here) that planning for Iraq was a continuous process between Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. I would bet (and Kenneth Pollack in The Gathering Storm provides some good details) that Clinton officials were briefed frequently on various Iraq plans, to include an invasion.

Remember that the MSM has worked with the Dems to continually claim that we did not have a plan prior to going into Iraq? Yet now they are claiming that we "secretly" had it all mapped out? Constant criticism while making no relevant or consistent point is becoming a trademark of both the MSM and the Dems.