Saturday, May 28, 2005

Military Health Care

The administration and the Republican-led Congress recently passed a bill that offers soldiers in the reserve component a generous health care option. For every full year that the soldier has served on duty since Sept. 11th, the soldier (and family if he chooses) can receive 4 years of coverage under Tricare, the military health care system.

But from the perspective of the MSM and the N&O, the story is headlined "Republicans take hit on radio." Democrats are targeting specific Republican congressmen on the radio on Memorial Day for criticism.

This is an AP story, but the N&O is guilty of both choosing the headline and even running the idiotic story in the first place.

House Democrats, solely in order to score political points, and with no chance of gaining passage due to the enormous cost, proposed offering permanent health-care coverage to reserve component members. This is an old trick in politics of offering constituents a great benefit knowing it would not pass but then using the issue to beat up the opposition. But you would think those who edit papers would be pretty familiar with the tactic, and unless they are partisan hacks they would avoid publishing these articles.