Monday, June 06, 2005

Hatchet Job on GOP

The N&O ran part of a WaPo article today with the following headline from the "reporting," not the editorial section: Ethics Issues plague GOP.

Where is the evidence in the article to support the headline? Some ambiguous comments by unnamed "Republican strategists" and details about the Democrats using Memorial Day to attack Republicans.

The N&O only carried part of the WaPo article. In the full article the WaPo actually is able to find two sources who they quote by name. The first is Conn. Republican Chris Shays, who has moved out of the mainstream of the party and has openly differed with Tom Delay for some time. The second is a former campaign strategist for John McCain. Are those really the "Republican strategists" used to support the article?

The N&O article mentions the investigations into the ties between Tom Delay and Jack Abramhoff and the improper filing of travel documents. But nowhere do they mention that recent reports show numerous Dems also tied to Abramhoff and deficient in their trip reports as well.

The article also states: In North Carolina, Democrats are attacking Rep. Charles Taylor, one of the wealthiest House members, who battled legal and ethical questions in past campaigns. If you are going to write an article and specifically mention a Rep. who is not a household name, you should include some details about "legal and ethical questions." Did Taylor's Dem. opponent bring up these questions? Were they ever investigated? Was he convicted or censured for any wrongdoing? The WaPo article has too much of a "when did you stop beating your wife" quality to it.

Finally, in a point less about bias than about good reporting, how could the WaPo reporter look as far forward as 2012 without noting that the current red states will gain 8-12 congressional seats after the 2010 census, so the battle will be even more uphill for the Dems to take the House in 2012?