Sunday, June 05, 2005

More Political Courage

In another example of political courage in NC, state Rep. Paul Stam gets the nod.

The N&O reported on Friday that the N.C. Golden Leaf Foundation (a boondogle set up to distribute a portion of the N.C. tobacco settlement money) may start to give incentives to chosen businesses.

This idea rests on two premises. First, instead of distributing the tobacco settlement money to the citizens of N.C., it is a better idea to form a politically-influenced organization to hand out what is left over after the friends of John Edwards have taken their cut. Second, those who run the N.C. Golden Leaf Foundation are wiser than the marketplace and therefore able to foresee which businesses should get taxpayer aid.

Paul Stam sees through the charade and recommends Golden Leaf stick to "broadly accessible projects." Stam understands, however, that is not as much fun as "going to ribbon-cuttings and pretending to be the saviour of some small town."