Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Where Is Our N&O Public Editor?

Hat tip to purveyor of the blogosphere Mike Williams for the details on the departure of the NYT public editor Dan Okrent. On his way out, Okrent blasted one of the NYT columnists, Paul Krugman. For those who don't know Krugman, at one time he was highly thought of in the economics community (I remember studying his book at Wharton in the early 90s), but he has become a senseless leftist partisan hack.

I wonder whether these revelations from Okrent will force even the leftist partisan hacks at the NY Times to pull Krugman's column. I also wonder where the public editor at the N&O, Ted Vaden, stands on the issue - you can e-mail him at Surely the paper can come up with some decent liberal columns instead of relying on Krugman and the tired and sad Molly Ivins.