Wednesday, June 01, 2005

With Press Help, Dems Angle for Military Vote

Cori Dauber points out another example of a suspicious headline regarding a military issue. We pointed out a different story last week in the N&O that did the bidding of the DCCC and supported the Dems using Memorial Day to attack Republicans. So what is going on here?

In both cases, Dems are trying to claim credit for legislation that extends benefits to members of the reserve component or retirees. Now maybe these Democrats are really concerned about these issues, but the with the press going out of its way to highlight Dem proposals, after having ignored the Republican bills that have supported the military, I suspect some political motive.

What I don't understand is how the Dems win here. Do they really think that they can gain points with members, or former members, of the military by outflanking the Republicans as being the party that supports the military more? Maybe they can peel a few votes off, but I can't believe this strategy will really work and will really justify the press effort it entails. Tell me if I am missing something.