Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just the Facts Sir

The N&O runs an AP piece today that serves as a weak summary of the day's events in Iraq. Besides the expected headline that focuses on the terrorists before the U.S. gains, I found two other intesting points.

First, the article reports that "a car bomb exploded outside a shop selling falafel sandwiches and ice cream, a popular hangout for Shiite youngsters," and that 10 people died in the explosion. Every time I read an AP/N&O article about the Israelis killing a terrorist leader, the article always notes how many women or children may have been killed in the attack. So why when terrorists in Iraq blow up innocent civilians and kids does the reporter fail to mention the number of kids killed?

Second, why does the headline call these evildoers "insurgents?" When you blow up kids at an ice cream parlor you are a terrorist, not an insurgent. Anyone who can not make that distinction has lost their moral compass and does not deserve to write or edit for any paper seeking relevance.