Thursday, June 30, 2005

Left Spins Afghanistan as a Quagmire Too

I have frequently complimented Jay Price of the N&O for his excellent reporting from Afghanistan. He used multiple sources and left the Kabul hotels to find out what was really going on in the country. His conclusion was that the Taliban has been fatally weakened and Afghanistan is slowly building a viable nation.

So why can't the NYT find a reporter as good as Price, or a better question yet, why would the N&O run a front page article from the NYT about Afghanistan that is so poorly written?

The piece today leads with "Downed copter adds to fear of Taliban gains" and adds that "Afghans say they are feeling uneasy about the future." Did the reporter use any polls (which show Afghans are hopeful about the future and want the coalition forces to stay)? No. And what sources did she rely on? First, an individual from a Human Rights Commission, then a law student, then a professor at Kabul University's School of Islamic Studies.

Guaranteed she sat around the Kabul hotels and rounded up the usual suspects who will make anti-U.S. comments when needed to spin a story.

Afghanistan is not a perfect place and never will be. It is a better place since we went in, and it no longer serves as a terrorist breeding ground. Those who use terror to oppose the new govt. and the coalition forces are limited in number and are being eradicated or marginalized every day.

It is a shame the N&O would run a front-page story with the sole purpose of spreading the "Blame America First" creed of the Left.