Tuesday, June 28, 2005

N&O Biased Polling

The most disturbing item on the N&O front page today is the information to help coordinate anti-Bush protesters. These kinds of events are routinely listed inside the paper along with other community events and meetings, so why show these particular protests on the front page?
Nearly as disturbing is the N&O "poll" that uses some standard poll spin techniques to rig the results. First, they compare poll results from Jan. '04 with June '05. Given that we captured Saddam in Dec. of '03, one would expect that views about progress in Iraq would be positive in Jan. '04, so they pick a high and low point to try to prove a false trend.

Second, they use some pretty lousy questions. For example: All in all, do you think the situation in Iraq was worth going to war over or not? What does "all in all" mean? What is the "situation in Iraq?" Does anyone go to war over a "situation?" Do they mean: Given the removal of Saddam Hussein, the assurance that Iraq will not be able to distribute WMD to terrorist groups and the stunning elections in Iraq in which 8 million people voted, do you think the invasion of Iraq was worth it?

Rantingprofs also digs into the recent WaPo poll spin.