Friday, July 01, 2005

N.C. Scandal Coming

The N&O was able to move a front-page scandal here in N.C. to 5B, but I will bet they are forced to run more on this soon. I have heard this story from several sources over the last month and was waiting for the N&O to stop protecting their favorite Dem. legislators, and they finally have.

Senate and House leaders (both bodies are Dem. controlled) conspired to set up slush funds (they called them reserve funds) in three state agencies. Rather than having the agencies decide how the money was spent, the legislators secretly controlled the spending. And guess where the money went?

From the N&O: But some of the money went to entities that had no plan for how to spend it, and some lawmakers requested money for nonprofits for which they serve as board members.
If you want to add some heat to the issue, contact the N&O, or call the offices of Marc Basnight, Jim Black and Richard Morgan and ask them where your taxpayer money is.