Friday, July 22, 2005

So There is a Free Lunch

Kudos to the N&O for letting us know that employees we hire with our state taxpayer dollars can work for the state for five years and qualify for free lifetime retiree health benefits, also at taxpayer expense. State employees, by the way, also includes members of the General Assembly.

So you would think the gist of an investigative report would be to find out how these outrageous benefits were ever created, who voted for them, and who was in power when the laws passed. Then a good paper would lead the charge to throw the rascals out.

But the N&O is only willing to comment on the bill currently under consideration that would take a small portion of this perk away from state employees (they would have to pay some percentage of an already small premium). In their mindset of the need for big government and big benefits for those who work in big government, the N&O treats the initial passage of the bill as if it made perfect sense.