Sunday, August 14, 2005

Courage in Politics

Just back from a long vacation and pleased to be greeted by an article about political heroism in the N&O. And the article surprisingly features a Republican, Howard Coble, in this noted Democrat-friendly paper.

Coble pledged in 1984 that if he won a seat to the U.S. House he would forgo the scandalously high pensions lawmakers had voted themselves. To this point he has kept the pledge, and the N&O rightly lauds him for his courage.

Equally surprisingly, also on the front of section B the N&O investigates a buddy of disgraced Dem. Rep. Frank Ballance, and they also explore the favors Dem. Jim Black is handing out to the chiropractors who have given him campaign contributions.

Has something happened at the N&O while I was gone? Have they suddenly decided to report the news in a non-partisan manner? Stay tuned.