Friday, July 22, 2005

A Good Sign?

It is hard to find a silver lining in the recent terrorist attacks in London, but I think as we examine what has happened during the last week in London, we should also look at something that has not happened.

Since Sept. 11th, we have yet to see the type of extremely well-coordinated terrorist attacks many predicted. The bombings in Spain and London took some coordination, but not nearly as much as the 11th. Every death due to terrorism is a tragedy, but if we have been so effective at disrupting terrorist networks that they can't conduct planning and instead have to resort to isolated bus or subway bombings, then we have succeeded in significantly decreasing the terrorist capability and lethality.

This will be a long struggle and we will never completely destroy the Islamofascists who have taken up terrorism. But if we are able to kill or capture those who have the money, planning capability and willpower to plan and launch attacks using WMD or extremely lethal conventional means, we have earned a victory. Some of the isolated prospective bus bombers may choose to rejoin civilized society in the absence of leadership. Others will be able to pull off amateurish terrorist violence with varying degrees of lethality, but with absolutely no impact on our political will to win the GWOT.