Saturday, August 27, 2005

Gutless Relativism

The public editor of the N&O has already admitted that the paper does not have the courage to buck the political correctness of the MSM by calling terrorists, well, terrorists. In a story today the "militant" group Hamas released a tape of a "bombmaker" bragging of his exploits and telling the Israelis, "You are leaving Gaza today in shame. Today you are leaving hell. But we promise you that tomorrow all Palestine will be hell for you, God willing."

This "bombmaker" is apparently responsible for numerous acts of terrorism, and some of his bombs have undoubtedly intentionally killed women and children. So I will call him an evil scumbag and hope that an Israeli commando is able to put a sniper round through his eye. All I ask of the paper is to call the guy a terrorist instead of quivering like gutless relativists.