Monday, August 22, 2005

A Study in Contrast

The paper today provides two shining examples of how far off track the MSM has gone in promoting their liberal and anti-Bush agenda.

First, we see nothing on the successes our troops (and more importantly, the Afghan troops we are working with) are having against the terrorists and militants in Afghanistan. The stories are readily available. But the N&O does run a front-page piece focusing on the death of 4 U.S. soldiers with the sub-headline Roadside bombing punctuates worries of a growing Taliban insurgency. How about U.S.-Afghan offensive puts Taliban and Al Qaeda on the defensive? (Rantingprofs has more examples and commentary on the reporting about Afgh.)

Then, the paper runs a piece on Meg Scott Phipps, the Democrat and felon, without mentioning her party affiliation. But in an article about partisan maneuvering in Ohio the paper makes sure to clarify that Gov. Bob Taft is a Republican.

As with other stories that could prove damaging to conservatives, the MSM has milked the Taft story for all it's worth (Taft failed to report some golf outings and other gifts). But if you were running a regional paper in N.C., don't you think your first move when you hear about the Taft story is to investigate how many freebies your own politicians and Gov. have received but not reported? But that might involve dredging up information damaging to our Dem. Governor, so the paper has apparently decided N.C. readers are more interested in Ohio politics.