Sunday, August 14, 2005

Moore Woes

More evidence that the N&O is getting the joke. They are publicizing the fact (though without noting prominently that the perpetrator is a Democrat) that State Treasurer Richard Moore has solicited contributions to his nonprofit from private money managers who do business with his agency.

"Moore recently asked dozens of fixed-income brokers, real estate investors, private equity managers and hedge-fund managers for $10,000 each for the foundation, a project that helps keep him in the public eye. ...To finance his foundation, Moore recently sent a letter to money managers who either do business with the Treasurer's Office or want to. ...Moore said he saw no conflict of interest in asking for donations from people doing business with his office. "

A News & Observer editorial later said of Moore's actions, "It's just a bad practice. Moore should stop it."(Source: "Moore sought gifts to nonprofit," Rob Christensen, 8/8/05; "No more, Mr. Moore," Editorial, 8/11/05)