Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bush Address Continued

Proposes 3 initiatives: Gulf Opportunity Zone (job incentives, tax relief, loan guarantees), Worker Recovery Accounts ($5,000 for job training), Urban Homesteading Act (turn federal land over to those who will build on it).

"The Armies of Compassion" will lead the way.

Wants to know all the info on the govt. response to hurricane. Praised individual responders, but says system as a whole did not work. Armed forces must have greater role in future disasters (that is not good for the boys in uniform).

Good history riff as he relates rebuilding after past natural disasters from Jamestown to the Dust Bowl. "We are often stronger than we know." "The despair of any touches us all." "The passion and soul of a great city will return."

23 minutes - appropriate tone - not bad.