Thursday, September 15, 2005

Liking Merkel More

Sounds like the vote in Germany will be tight as Merkel has lost some of her lead because of her propensity, like the Iron Lady, to tell the truth. Some German voters, long used to sucking at the pap of the state, apparently don't like being told that without reform their country will continue to slide toward obsolescence.

Besides the truth telling, I like Merkel more now than before after learning the following:

1. She grew up behind the Iron Curtain. Having spent 3 years of my life on the East-West German border trying to help bring that wall down, I would like to see those efforts rewarded by her victory in the election.

2. She is a physicist by training. Just like Maggie Thatcher (who I believe was a trained chemist), good to see someone running for office who has not spent their entire lives in politics and actually knows how to do something.

3. The DAX (German stock mkt. index) is up 20% since May when Schroder called for elections and investors decided Merkel would win. Markets usually make better calls on politics than pundits, so I'll go with Merkel.