Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Katrina, the Pols and Durham

Running the Chicago half-marathon this weekend so no blogging, but these 3 unrelated topics caught my attention:

Katrina: Conservatives have long held that extreme environmental groups and class-action lawyers do more harm than good. We now find out (via the WSJ) that a group called Save Our Wetlands successfully shut down the Corps of Engineers project to build a Netherlands-like flood gate at Lake Pontchartrain in the 70s. Smaller levees were built as a result, and perhaps some wetlands were saved. But if lefties want to place some blame for the recent flooding, they can start by finding the Save Our Wetlands folks and asking some questions.

The class-action lawyers, biggest donors as a group to the Democrats, have already started assembling groups of plaintiffs for suits to by filed in Louisiana court. If these vultures don't make you support tort reform, nothing will.

Poland: Buried on page 16A of the N&O is the story on the ouster of the Polish govt. that pledged to withdraw Polish troops from Iraq. Taking over will be the party that is open to leaving those troops until the mission is completed. If the vote had been reveresed, this would have been front-page MSM fodder in the series on how bad the situation in Iraq is.

Durham: Vincent Brown is running for mayor of Durham. The N&O printed a 9 paragraph editorial outlining his previous misdeeds and recommending that Durham voters not elect him. Nowhere in the piece did they mention Brown's political affiliation. Wonder why.