Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dems Hurt Troop Morale

My experience suggests that without a doubt the anti-war left is despised by members of the military and the section of the Democratic party that has joined forces with that left hurts troop morale.

WaPo reports that most Americans have formed the same conclusion, which may give Dems pause in their relentless attempt to gain partisan political points at the expense of national security (HT Instapundit):

Seventy percent of people surveyed said that criticism of the war by Democratic senators hurts troop morale -- with 44 percent saying morale is hurt "a lot," according to a poll taken by RT Strategies. Even self-identified Democrats agree: 55 percent believe criticism hurts morale, while 21 percent say it helps morale.

Their poll also indicates many Americans are skeptical of Democratic complaints about the war. Just three of 10 adults accept that Democrats are leveling criticism because they believe this will help U.S. efforts in Iraq. A majority believes the motive is really to "gain a partisan political advantage."