Saturday, November 19, 2005

Don't Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight

The Democrats, while failing to offer viable alternatives to any of the challenges facing the nation, have managed to smear the Bush administration with false or trumped-up charges. We have long been calling for a relentless counterattack, and we are seeing some signs of our willingness to put the knives away and use the right ammo.

The vote yesterday was a perfect counterattack and struck a deep blow at Dems who were loud enough to call for immediate withdrawal of our troops, but apparently did not have the courage to vote for such a bill. Keep these votes coming boys. Every time a liberal mouths off and the Dem. leadership does not distance themselves from the idiotic comments, hold a vote.

One interesting observation on the MSM reporting of the vote yesterday. Much was made of Murtha's service in Vietnam (sounds like one less Purple Heart than Kerry), but I heard nothing of the 7 years that Sam Johnson, R-TX, fierce critic of Murtha and keynote Republican speaker on the bill, served in a POW camp in Vietnam.

A good one here on the Dem. plan for Iraq, and read a summary of Dem. comments about Iraq at Mudville Gazette.