Friday, November 18, 2005

MSM Pumps the Theme

One thing I admire about the MSM is their ability to stay on message day after day. The theme they are pumping may be completely false, but until they move along to another topic they can find some new angle to keep an issue alive. Of course the "issues" they choose to pump seem to focus on conservatives, so "stories" like how many judges will be removed from the Delay case can be used to keep that one alive.

The current theme is dual-headed. The first angle is "Bush lied" and the MSM is in concert with Dems seeking political gain in slandering or libeling the Bush administration. The second angle is that "the tide is turning" in Iraq (and despite evidence on the ground to the contrary, the MSM is depicting the tide as turning against the U.S.).

So when John Murtha, D-PA, made some strong statements yesterday claiming that our military could not win in Iraq (and implying that he knew this because he was an expert due to his service in Vietnam), the MSM, including our own N&O, put it on the front pages. But how much "reporting" research would it have taken to find that Murtha had made similar comments over a year ago? Yet every MSM story presented this as recent news because it fit the "tide is turning" theme. The great Americans at the Mudville Gazette have a broader roundup of this theme.