Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nobody Can Blame...

We rarely take on the N&O editorial writers as the target is too easy and the quality too low to justify the time, but while flying to NY on Tuesday I saw this lead editorial:

Nobody should blame advocates of black and Hispanic youth for using strong language to rivet the communities attention.

Having the N&O start any sentence with "Nobody should blame" makes me want to start blaming someone, so I read on to find out that a Raleigh minister called the situation of black and Hispanic youths in N.C. "tantamount to genocide."

Well, yes, someone should could cast blame when a speaker uses the word genocide where it clearly does not apply, and who better to cast the blame than the "paper of record" in the Triangle? But the liberal impulse is to grant that anything goes when commenting on their pet issues. Accuracy is no longer important when Hurricane Katrina stories can be exaggerated in order to attempt to damage the administration, or when the MSM can repeat lies that the Bush administration manipulated intel and provide no proof for their claims.

So to be clear, genocide is defined as the deliberate extermination of a people or a nation. If I have missed something and genocide is going on in this region, then I hope the N&O will provide the details on who is committing the genocide as the definition mentions a deliberate act. Otherwise, please find someone to use in the lead editorial who has something useful, and not needlessly inflammatory, to say about the problem.