Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Filibuster Deal Looking Better

We pointed out several months ago that the filibuster deal set up by the "Gang of 14", while hard to stomach, gave the Reps more room to maneuver than the Dems. The Alito nomination will demonstrate that claim as the 7 Dems who signed onto the Gang of 14 (I think former KKK member Robert Byrd - D-VA- claimed they had "saved the Republic") will have a hard time not voting for cloture.

We also claimed the Lindsey Graham and Mike Dewine (the two most surprising names on the Republican list of the Gang of 14) were not turncoats. Indeed, they were the first 2 to announce that Alito merited a vote in the Senate and that the failure to provide such a vote will lead to the Constitutional Option.