Thursday, October 27, 2005

Will They Come Back?

I was willing to give the president the benefit of the doubt on the Miers nomination, but given the number of conservative bloggers who lined up against her, I am glad she has withdrawn. I think this will be a turning point in bringing conservatives back into the fold who have withheld support recently.

The best sign that a conservative mending is coming is the MSM's continual squawking about the conservative crack-up. Over the last 5 years every time the MSM has grasped a theme that they think will be damaging to the president, the tide has turned and they have been proven wrong.

So this time Bush will nominate a strong conservative to the Court and allow his base to rain fire upon the obstructionist left rather than upon the administration. Meanwhile, Congress will continue to push through spending cuts to demonstrate conservative fiscal restraint. They will also pass bills related to tort reform, tax simplification and continued tax relief - all music to the ears of conservatives.

And in Iraq we will see successful parliamentary elections in December and a continued improved security posture, which will allow us to draw down troops not as a political gesture (which is why NC reps David Price and Brad Miller are calling for withdrawal), but as a recognition of the reality on the ground.

Conservatives will not only come home, but they will assemble for the 2006 elections and once again disappoint the MSM by winning. Bush will not move above 50% approval ratings, but he doesn't have to, and he shouldn't care. Presidents can leave office with strong approval ratings if they do nothing substantive, witness Clinton, but bold steps lead to anger and a split electorate. Don't worry about healing that void Mr. President, just win your side back and then keep the ball in conservative hands.