Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Gripe with the sports page

We have gone after almost every section of the N&O on this blog, so I see no reason why the sports page should be immune. I specifically want to call the paper (and writer Luke DeCock - yes, that is really his name) to task for predicting that the hometown Carolina Hurricanes would not make the playoffs.

Now while I criticize the news people for cheering too loudly for homeboy John Edwards, I think the sports section is authorized to support the home team. The Hurricanes performance the year prior to the strike may not have justified a lot of enthusiasm, but with the addition of the best young coach in hockey, Peter Laviolette, the emergence of young stars Eric Stahl and Cam Ward, and the signings of talented team players like Ray Whitney and Cory Stillman, you would think the paper could have at least predicted an 8 seed in the playoffs.

Still early, but the Canes lead the division, beat the undefeated Ottawa Senators last night after being down 2-0, and have been playing some of the most exciting hockey we can remember. Laviolette has trained his team to understand and execute under the new rules and they are one of the least penalized teams in the league. He has also built a team rather then a squad centered around one or two stars, and he has a deep bench to help as the season goes into the later stages. He also has 2 fine goalies and some great kids still in the minors, so this season may be the start of something big here in NC.