Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Louisiana Not Dysfunctional

The MSM will continue to print stories from various angles claiming that the Bush administration (Republicans) and not the Louisiana Gov. and N.O. Mayor (Democrats) were at fault for the chaos of Katrina.

The folks at the N&O, "committed to accuracy," go along with the ploy by choosing this headline today: E-mail suggests FEMA, not Louisiana, was dysfunctional. The article correctly points out that the bureaucracy created (at the demand of Democrats) after 9/11 was unwieldy and dysfunctional. The article also makes clear (though perhaps without realizing that the point harms the big-government lovers) that we should not rely on the federal govt. to be the first responder to local or regional problems.

But what the article does not do is mention how Louisiana was not dysfunctional. Read the headline again. It says Louisiana was not dysfunctional, which is a laughable assertion given all of the evidence to the contrary. So why wouldn't the paper just take their daily shot at the Bushies with E-mail suggests FEMA confusion. That header would be reporting, which is, oddly enough, the job of a reporter. The header the paper chose demonstrates shameless bias and a good dose of incompetence.