Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Anti-Souter

The big lawyer-bloggers (see Instapundit and Powerline) are handling the legal analysis of the Miers nomination, Hugh Hewitt seems to be backing her, and George Will would have preferred a more historic and intellectual choice. Major Mike conducts a military analysis of the pick and likes the choice. All I can say is that every time critics shoot early at Bush they come to regret it.

His forte is straight talk and straight thinking and he has come to trust his judgement on character. So here is my bet. As people get to see and hear Miers (rather than read what others who barely know her have to say), they will like her more (just as they did with Roberts). Twenty years from now we will group Miers with Rehnquist, Scalia, Thomas and Roberts as justices who remade the court.

Bush knows his father made a mistake by giving in to his political weakness and nominating an unknown who was recommended by someone else (Souter). So at least Bush is nominating a somewhat unknown who is well known by him.