Friday, September 30, 2005

Numbers from Afghanistan

I think these numbers from Joe Katzman do a nice job of demonstrating the magnitude of the task of holding elections in Afghanistan, and also demonstrate the ability of the MSM to bury the story just because it is a success for the Bush guys:

5,766 candidates who ran in elections that involved almost 6,300 polling centers containing about 26,250 polling stations across Afghanistan, run by 160,000 local polling staff. 40 million ballot papers, printed in Austria and Britain, were flown in to Afghanistan by 15 super-jumbo Antonov 124 flights and 8 jumbo jet flights, then delivered across Afghanistan by 1,247 donkeys, 300 horses, 24 camels, 1,200 trucks, 9 helicopters, and 39 transport planes. Also delivered: 40,000 bottles containing 7,000 liters of indelible ink, to stain voters' fingers. At least 4,700 domestic observers, 500 foreign observers, and 80,000 candidate agents monitored polling and counting, which is still ongoing. The elections are being run by 8,000 election staff, of whom only 500 are foreigners.