Monday, October 03, 2005

Shirking on Sheehan

Even as the American public sours on "End the Occupation of New Orleans" Sheehan, the MSM can't seem to report about her wanderings accurately. The N&O reported today on a meeting between Sheehan and Senator Dole. Here is how they described Sheehan: a leading figure in the opposition to the war in Iraq and has called for bringing U.S. troops home from the desert.

Well, not exactly. She has also called for bringing U.S. troops home from Afghanistan, and also for pulling them out of New Orleans as noted above. An accurate depiction of Sheehan would also note that she has called President Bush the "biggest terrorist of all" and has demanded a war crimes tribunal for the leaders in the Bush administration.

Maybe the N&O reporters did not know that information, in which case they should be fired for ignorance. Or maybe they just decided to ignore the facts, in which case, you decide.