Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two Americas?

Having worked on Wall Street myself, I am supporter of the center of dynamic capitalism, but if I had gone around for the last 2 years playing class politics by talking about the "Two Americas," I might hesitate to head to Wall Street after losing an election. But not John Edwards:

BusinessWeek has learned that Edwards has signed up to work for the New York-based private investment concern Fortress Investment Group as a part-time senior advisor. As such, he will be "providing support in developing investment opportunities worldwide and strategic advice on global economic issues," says Edwards spokesperson Kim Rubey. Fortress declined to comment about hiring Edwards, who teamed up with Massachusetts Senator John Kerry in a losing bid against President George Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney last year.

DEM LEANINGS. Fortress apparently has had its eye on Democratic politics and Edwards for some time. During the 2004 Presidential campaign cycle, the employees political action committee of the company contributed $143,650 to Democratic candidates for Congress and the White House, including $4,000 to Edwards. They gave just $10,500 to Republicans running for federal office.

The N&O has printed more puff pieces on Edwards than we can count, so let's see how much coverage they give to his latest move to support the poor, and let's see whether they are willing to investigate the future political givings of Fortress.