Monday, October 24, 2005

NPR Now Officially Advising Dems

For those still out there defending NPR as an unbiased source of news, here are NPR commentators cheering on the Democrats and offering advice in the upcoming elections (from the Media Research Center):

When, on this past weekend's Inside Washington, host Gordon Peterson recited a list of issues Democratic congressional candidates could use against Republican incumbents -- "you've got Iraq, you've got Harriet Miers, you've got Katrina, you got Tom DeLay being indicted. You've got a lot of ammunition" -- NPR reporter Nina Totenberg jumped in to shout: "And you've got the tax cuts!" She soon offered her recommendation on how Democrats should campaign: "One of the other things is you say, 'look, we're in this mess fiscally and they want to increase the tax cuts for the most wealthy people in the United States,' the top one half of one percent would get a hundred thousand dollars, people who make over a million dollars or something like that."