Sunday, November 27, 2005

Still in Love With Sheehan?

The N&O had a short lovefest with Sheehan, which included their embarrassing attempt to crop a Sheehan-Sharpton photo to hide the real story. I say let the lovefest continue and show this photo.

(Follow-up note: The news editor of the N&O, Melanie Sill, took issue with my claim that the paper cropped the Sheehan-Sharpton photo. Her claim is that the paper did not crop the photo but instead chose to use a photo from the AP that was either taken or cropped in order to not show the throng of photographers around the teary Sheehan-Sharpton "moment." She acknowledges that the N&O did have access to the AP photo [that showed the real story of the manufactured photo-op] but chose not to run it.)