Monday, April 25, 2005

Who is in Charge Here?

Another front page article about proposed cuts in education, and still no clarification that Democrats are in charge of the cuts. In fact, this article tries to help Gov. Easley by claiming that the cuts proposed by the (Dem) legislature are deeper than Easley's own cuts.

Headline on the Bolton story today, "Senator urges Bolton to withdraw." So the N&O thinks it is a story that a partisan hack like Chris Dodd from CT calls for Bolton's withdrawal? And why not run the headline "Democrat urges Bolton to withdraw" so the story gets the ho-hum attention it deserves.

Note to Republicans who vote against Bolton: The party has done better since dumping a guy like Jeffords, so while they would hate to give up a seat, beware of finding yourself on the other side of the aisle for good.