Monday, June 13, 2005

When Reporters Become Editorialists

On the front page of the N&O today we see an article that could have been penned by the state leaders of the Democratic Party.

First, the "reporters" decide to assign awards to several N.C. legislators. Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player: Democrats. Most Improved and Missing in Action: Republicans.

Second, the "reporters" dance to the Dem. talking points by focusing on the "conservative" Dems who "recently broke with party leadership on some key issues." Why this focus? Because N.C. is becoming more conservative and Republican. In order to hold seats in some conservative areas, the Dems must market their candidates as "conservative."

I admire their ability to arrange votes on some issues (minimum wage, death penalty moratorium) solely to provide the "conservatives" a chance to "buck party leadership." But I do not admire the regional paper of record, the "Old Reliable" N&O, leading the marketing effort for the Dems.