Friday, July 08, 2005

Continued NYT Woes

John in Carolina links the current NYT scandal (adding editorial comment to an op-ed without informing the reader) to the unfortunate willingness of the Times to run an op-ed with false information by noted anti-war mouthpiece Lucien Truscott.

Not to pile on too much, but if you include the Jayson Blair scandal, and then read the departing comments of Dan Okrent concerning the Times willingness to run the columns of political hack Paul Krugman, you would have to worry a little about whether we are really reading All the News Fit to Print.

And the scandals are not over. Though it is not getting a lot of play in the MSM, the NYT handling of the Plame/Judith Miller affair has been disgraceful. They led the charge to demand the appointment of a special prosecutor in hopes of drawing some Bush administration blood. But once their own reporter was threatened with jail, they took the position that no crime had been committed.

Bad judgment combined with a lack of courage makes for an easy target for the bloggers.